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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes pictured wearing a back brace

It looks as though Madonna’s daughter Lourdes may have scoliosis. The 12-year-old was pictured earlier this month with the corner of her shirt caught up on a SpineCor body brace.
Popcrunch reports the device is used for patients with scoliosis, a curving of the spine. Amazingly it affects 3 million kids! You can check out a picture of Lourdes and the brace here.
All I can say is that brace looks way more comfortable than the one a friend of mine had in junior high!
The article also notes that Lourdes recently got braces for her teeth. For most kids I imagine scoliosis and braces would be horrible heading into the teenage years, but something telle me Lourdes, who has already been hailed as a budding style icon, will make it through just fine!
Source: Popcrunch, Photo: PR Photos
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